Nike Roshe Run X TeamROSHE

Thoroughbred Collective

The team at Nike Sportswear has dropped an exclusive Roshe Run specifically for Team Roshe Run, which is the largest online community of Roshe Run enthusiasts. If you’ve never heard of Team Roshe Run, they are dedicated to showcasing the Roshe Run one of Nike’s most popular silhouettes. Currently their Instagram has over 250,000 followers and is growing daily.

The team behind the online community was invited by Nike designer Dylan Raasch to Nike HQ and tour the campus. What they left with was a pair of their own special edition Roshe Runs with their logo on the heal and tongue tabs.


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The King Comes Home

Sports Marketing Roundup

Lebron James returned to Cleveland Thursday in what was the most anticipated event to open the NBA Season, and sure enough the Cavaliers and James’s sponsors made it into just that, an event. Now for those of you who do not follow Darren Rovell on twitter, I encourage you to do so, he probably has one of the most interesting timelines for not only sports business professionals to follow but professionals of all kinds.

Today especially was the day to follow Darren’s twitter because his timeline was mostly comprised of the events that were unfolding outside Quicken Loans arena in preparation for this game. It all started when Nike released this “Together” video.

This video was so emotional that it made me want to go to Cleveland and join in their huddle. This video showed that this time is going to be different, less focus on James and more focus…

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50 Of The Most Scandalous, Weird, And Bizarre Historical Facts You Didn’t Know

Thought Catalog

Over on Reddit, someone asked people to tell the R rated historical fact they “know” that is usually left out of classroom discussion. The most interesting responses are below.

1. Charles II


Charles II on the wedding night of his nephew and future King, William of Orange, watched the entire consummation whilst shouting encouragement from the sidelines.

2. The Ivanov experiments


The Ivanov experiments- basically some Russian scientist in the 1920s conducted experiments where he tried to make a “humanzee”. I think there were other secret soviet experiments as well where they tried with gorillas in a (failed) attempt to make a super solider hybrid thing.

3. Boston Corbett


Boston Corbett, the man who found and shot John Wilkes Booth, was completely insane from handling mercury as a hatter. Years before shooting Booth he had calmly castrated himself with a pair of scissors.

4. Vibrators



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